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HYDROPNEU · Precision in motion


For over 50 years we have been developing and producing high quality solutions in the fields of hydraulic cylinderes, hydraulic power units and hydraulic control units.

HYDROPNEU Specialized Cylinders

Our custommade hydraulic cylinders - perfectly matched to you individual requirements.

Hydraulic Cylinders for die casting

Hydraulic cylinders for high strains and operational demands as well as extreme working conditions.
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HYDROPNEU Norm Cylinders

Tried and tested hydraulic cylinders in absolute conformity with national and international norms and standards.

HYDROPNEU Standard Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders for your special purpose, optimzied in performance, tightly constructed and produced in first grade quality.

HYDROPNEU Aggregates

HYDROPNEU plans, constructes and produces hydraulic aggregates and -drives up to complete hydraulic systems.

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HYDROPNEU has been successful in this market for 50 years!

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Our hydraulic cylinders, aggregates and drives and used in many industries.
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Block cylinders are one of the most compacts ways to use the immens power of hydraulic

Hydropneu GmbH in Ostfildern has developed a hydraulic lifting cylinder with locking function for...

The permissible operating temperatures of our hydraulic cylinders range from -20°C to + 80°C, as...

In August 2017, we were able to celebrate Eckhard Obergöker’s 40th anniversary with him. 40 years...

The force of a hydraulic cylinder (according to the hydraulical formula f = p x a [Force = pressure...