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Energy-Optimized Core Pull Cylinder Type 58

  • Use of the maximum possible power by reversing the direction of action
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Energy savings possible

In the new type series, HYDROPNEU relies on two small pistons running in parallel which are combined in one compact unit. Thus, the unit can be mounted like a conventional cylinder and all movements happen axially parallel without additional forces or momentums. To some extent, the new cylinder series 58 can even take on the slider’s guidance functions, which can simplify the construction of the die-casting mold.

Conventional core pull cylinders for pressure die-casting molds are generally used for pulling due to their kind of attachement. This means that only the smaller force of the annular surface of the hydraulic cylinder is available in the moment in which the user needs the greatest force to detach a core or a slider. Therefore its performance capability is used relatively ineffectively.

With the compact cylinder unit the entire piston surface is engaged by reversing the direction of action and hence the maximum force of the cylinder is utilized. Higher speeds and consequently shorter cycle times can be achieved with the previously required hydraulic power during closing through the use of the piston ring surface, or it is possible to use the higher efficiency for an energy saving of up to 30%. Another advantage is that the piston rod seals are exposed to less thermal stress by facing away from the pressure die-casting mold.