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Locked Block Cylinder

  • Piston rod interlock in combination with a compact design
  • No adjustment necessary

Cores and sliders on die casting molds have to withstand enormous forces during the injection of the melt and especially during solidification. The cores and sliders must not give way to these forces since the molded parts would not be accurate otherwise.

Ideally, the design of the molds allows these forces to be absorbed by the internal interlocks of the mold. In certain cases, however, the construction is very complex and work-intensive. In these cases, Hydropneu offers hydraulically locked block cylinders, among other solutions, that take care of this task and also the subsequent pulling of the core.

The interlock is stiff under the compressibility of the hydraulic fluid. The trapped oil volume is minimized and the sealing package is matched to the special requirement to optimize the stiffness. Since the hydraulically locked block cylinders are very compact, they can even be used in restricted space conditions.

A major advantage of the hydraulic interlock compared to a mechanical interlock is that no complicated manual readjustment has to take place to react to setting characteristics. This happens automatically with each stroke.