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Power Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder

  • Power at the right moment
  • Energy optimization
  • Efficiency
  • Ideal constructions for individual applications

The size of the power stroke cylinder is constructed corresponding to the force needed to unfasten the core or slider.

This great force, however, is only necessary in the beginning of the movement. As soon as the core is detached, the hydraulic cylinder usually only has to move the mass of the slider. Therefore, the cylinder is significantly oversized for the most part of the path and as a result correspondingly slow. The power stroke cylinder by Hydropneu is the solution for this problem.

At the beginning of the movement the cylinder generates a very high force during a short distance in order to detach the core.

Due to the clearly lower volume for the remaining stroke distance, it is possible with a constant volume flow to operate the cylinder at a faster pace. Alternatively, it is also possible to decrease the hydraulic supply in order to lower the energy consumption and still meet the demanded cycle times.