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Hydroforming with Hydropneu Hydraulics

FF Fluidforming offers innovative solutions in the field of sheet metal forming, relying on hydraulic cylinders and pressure intensifiers made by Hydropneu for its hydroforming systems.

Hydraulic block cylinders with integrated path detection system are used as well as specially designed insertion cylinders. Other key elements of the system are two of Hydropneu’s specifically designed pressure intensifiers, which generate the required high pressures. The high quality of all components ensures a smooth and long-lasting operation of the hydroforming systems without downtime.

Use in Hydroelectric Power Plant in Untereichen

Turbine with a Stable Water Flow

Two double-acting hydraulic cylinders with mechanical locking of the piston rod, a custom product of Hydropneu GmbH, control the guide vanes of the turbine of a hydroelectric power plant.

Besides the high locking force, the cylinders fulfill additional functions which include the form-closed blocking of the piston rod through the mechanical locking of the cylinder. Even in the case of a failure of the hydraulic supply, the locking elements still drive into the locking position.

The position of the piston rod is detected continuously via an integrated transducer. Together with an appropriate proportional valve control, it can show a complete position and speed control. With all these features, hydraulic cylinders are important components in the forward-looking electricity generation from the renewable resource water.

Ritter Leichtmetallguss

Power Stroke Cylinder- Powerhouse for the Foundry Industry

The company Ritter Leichtmetallguss uses Hydropneu cylinders for various functions. In the area of die casting molds, a custom product is particularly appreciated: power stroke cylinders that were designed specifically for this purpose and according to the customer's specifications. The core pulling process runs smoothly at the eightfold die casting mold since the installation of the four power stroke cylinders.

Hydropneu uses its decades of experience in the foundry industry consistently for the development of new innovative products. Not only the function of the cylinder is considered during the construction process, but also the environment in which it will operate is discussed with the client. The primary goal is to support customers permanently by finding solutions for hydraulic problems.

Robustness counts

This photo shows hydraulic cylinders in action at the casting racks of a well-known car manufacturer in south west Germany. The construction of the cylinders is adapted to the harsh environmental conditions of a large foundry.

For the economical production of his high volume manufacturing, functionality and reliability are most important for the operator. This is why he trusts in HYDROPNEU products.

Testing with precision

A HYDROPNEU hydraulic power unit supplies hydraulic cylinders to this leakage tester which then precisely and reliably locks openings at engine component parts so that these then can be tested on their tightness.

The control of the power unit and the cylinders is integrated into the total control of the testing unit.

A leading manufacturer of honing machines trusts in HYDROPNEU

In the different honing machines HYDROPNEU hydraulic cylinders are used with stroke drives and component handling.

Various tasks at machine tools

Most diverse functions at machine tools are realized with HYDROPNEU cylinders. Be it for the weight balance, the clamping of components, the operating of magazines or the movement of the most different machine components, HYDROPNEU hydraulic cylinders perform this task reliably and with longevity.

The picture shows a cylinder in a clamping device for components.

Power-plant power

In solid fuel power plants HYDROPNEU’s hydraulic cylinders and power units perform their "difficult tasks": They form the driving unit for the fuel delivery and the transport on the gratings.

The boilers of the Mannheim thermal recovery refuse incineration plant are also equipped with hydraulics of  HYDROPNEU.