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Test benches and testing facilities

No other industry has as high expectations regarding the hydraulics in use as test benches and testing facilities. The force progressions demanded in test benches are extreme. Huge forces, very high running speeds well above 1m/s and high switching frequencies exceeding 30Hz necessitate hydraulic systems of the highest quality. All materials have to be coordinated with the utmost care and machined with the highest precision. Special measures taken during the construction process ensure extremely high resilience in each individual component. Nevertheless all hydraulic cylinders used have to run very smoothly and sensitively in order to handle very complex simulations.

  • Iso- / Norm hydraulic cylinders
  • HYDROPNEU standard series
  • Synchronous hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinders with limit switches
  • Hydraulic cylinders with memory
  • Servo hydraulic cylinders
  • Custom-made cylinders for special purposes with specific layouts
  • Hydraulic units