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HYDROPNEU · Perfection in detail

If you need a custom-made cylinder for your application, you will be completely satisfied with our tailor-made cylinders.

Whatever it is you want to set in motion hydraulically, we are able to work out the perfect solution for you.

Be it by using special materials, extraordinary geometries or by integrating and combining various additional functions - HYDROPNEU special cylinders combine innovation with quality and reliability.

The range of our solutions is as highly appreciated in the field of classical mechanical engineering as in the area of high-tech medicineOur cylinders are used in die casting tools as well as for spoilers of racing cars, in the construction of power plants as well as for controls of turbines.

Feel free to contact us! We also have the best solution for your application.

Some possible functions:

  • Block / multiple cylinders for clamping devices and presses
  • Feed cylinders for turning and grinding machines
  • Sliding and core-pulling cylinders for gravity die casting / pressure die casting machines
  • Telescopic cylinders
  • Cylinders with built-on pilot valve
  • Cylinders with built-on rapid traverse / operation control
  • Lifting cylinders with built-on clamping device and stroke control block
  • Cylinders with piston rod interlock (mechanical and hydraulic)
  • Corrosion-resistant hydraulic cylinders
  • Lifting/rotation cylinders and rotary drives
  • Servo cylinders
  • ATEX cylinders

More cylinder options:


  • Special seals for HFA, HFB, HFC and HDF liquids
  • Special seals for high temperatures
  • Special seals for high and extremely low piston speeds
  • Piston rod on both sides


We will gladly advise you on the design for your specific application.
We will also mount and commission your specialized cylinder on-site.

We are always available for you at +49(0)711-342999-0.
You are welcome to use our contact form.