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  • Servo-hydraulics cylinder

HYDROPNEU Special cylinders · Perfection in detail


Hydraulic cylinders for high-grade industrial applications are usually designed for piston speeds up to 0,5 meters per second.

With higher speed, the gaskets and component load is at a much higher rate than normal. For this case, HYDROPNEU has developed special solutions, which will work reliable in challenging environments and guarantee a long usage. Specific engineering, supreme materials, and a high precision manufacturing are responsible for safe and reliable hydraulic propulsion with high dynamics. Most accurate guides and the design of the sealing system with minimal friction prevent unwanted stick-slip effects.

During the construction process, we are taking care of your individual necessities for your power units, so that we can deliver you the ideal cylinder for your special needs, as well as a cost-efficient solution.


We will be happy to advise you on the design for your specific application.
On request, we carry out an installation on site with subsequent hydraulic commissioning.

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