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Hydraulic Cylinder with Cooling

  • Various options of cooling
  • High temperature resistance
  • Long durability
  • Possible for all versions

Hydraulic cylinders with integrated cooling discharge heat using various methods or their combination.

Cooling through housing and fresh air injection. In this way, the entire cylinder can be cooled to a certain extent.

Cooling through circulation of cooling liquid around the cylinder tube. This is applied to Hydropneu type 44 for example. The cylinder tube is designed with double-walls and a separate cooling circuit can be connected. This traps a large proportion of radiant heat and the cylinder and the fluid are getting cooled over a large area.

This system may be optimized using a restricted guidance of the cooling fluid, e.g. through included twists. A further option is cooling with milled cooling channels throughout the cylinder. Herewith, certain areas can be cooled selectively. This enables for example to derive heat even in the thermally sensitive area of the cylinder head.

The piston rod can also be cooled to extend the lifetime of piston rod seals.

Hydropneu engineers the optimal cooling system according to the requirements and installation situation.