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Hydraulic Locking Unit

  • Simple piston rod locking
  • Economical solution for multiple cylinders
  • High locking forces due to the pressure amplification

Piston rods can be locked hydraulically by locking up the oil, which is under pressure, in the cylinder. In this condition, the cylinder is firmly locked as long as there is not more force guided into the cylinder than the locked, pressurized hydraulic fluid can withstand. In case the force limit is exceeded, the piston rod leaves its’ position due to the slight compressibility of the hydraulic fluid.

The reinforced hydraulic locking unit HLU makes it possible to hydraulically lock the piston rods of various hydraulic cylinders, regardless of size, type, or stroke, and to simultaneously increase the locking forces significantly as opposed to the forces limited by the system pressure. No additional controls or appliances are necessary for this purpose.

The piping effort remains almost the same compared to the standard, because the locking unit is simply being interposed.