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HYDROPNEU · Variety and precision

You need a cylinder with optimal performance and yet designed for a small space and manufactured in first-class quality for your special application? Adequate additional functions are more important to you than conformity with standards? Then simply select from our in-house standard types.

HYDROPNEU standard cylinders offer economy of space through their slim design and their minimum overall length. They offer the perfect solution for many problems in connection with features such as cooling jackets, possibilities of mounting switches, position measuring systems, etc.

The piston diameters range from 12 to 200 mm, the strokerange reaches up to 2000 mm with nominal pressures building up to 400 bar. Our thick-walled cylinder pipes, which are honed at the inside and our ground, hard-chromium-plated piston rods, which can be surface-hardened if desired, guarantee a long life and high reliability in all our standard cylinders.

The following standard hydraulic cylinders are available:

Type 41
Single rod cylinder in bolted cylindrical design 
Nominal pressure 125 bar
Piston diameter 12 – 200 mm; stroke up to 2000 mm
Type 44
Single rod cylinder in cylindrical design with cooling jacket
Nominal pressure 160 bar
Piston diameter 40 – 180 mm; stroke up to 2000 mm
Type 53
Single rod cylinder with hydraulic interlock
Nominal pressure 160 bar
Piston diameter 40 – 200 mm; stroke up to 2000 mm
Type 55
Single rod cylinder in tie rod design with built-on proximity switches
Nominal pressure 100 bar
Piston diameter 25 – 100 mm; stroke up to 2000 mm
Type 57
Single rod cylinder in block construction
Nominal pressure 400 bar
Piston diameter 16 – 200 mm; stroke up to 200 mm